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It's okay. We're afraid of the dark, too.

Lighting is what turns your home into a place for doing things you love – whether it's reading a book, preparing dinner or getting cosy on the sofa. That’s why you'll find so many ways to make your home a little brighter – and energy efficient ways of keeping it that way.

Decorative design, genuinely made
The decorative EVEDAL pendant lamp has a coloured, double-layered glass shade that encloses its inner shining light. Brass details and a textile cord add to the Scandinavian design.
The double-layered glass shade of EVEDAL pendant lamp gives an atmospheric soft light.
EVEDAL Pendant lamp THB 4,990
The IKEA EVEDAL table lamp globe has a sleek globe shape made of glass, with a discreet brass dimming knob. It also has a marble foot and brass details that give your room a modern touch.
With brass details, EVEDAL table lamp stands out with its globe shape placed on a marble foot.
EVEDAL Table lamp THB 5,990
Winter collection 2018
Warm, twinkling light makes the season brighter. Use it in windows, on walls, on tables. Find it in the shape of circles, hearts, angels, mushrooms, rabbits, squirrels, birds and stars and in various colours and patterns. With the STRÅLA light products, you can be surrounded by whimsical light.

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