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Hello, bigger kitchen

Our selection of kitchen islands give you more shelving units and extend your worktop space, while our trolleys add that little extra storage we all need – and without the high expense of a remodel. Also, most of them have wheels: mobile solutions you can roll anywhere you need them.
Popular Products
RISATORP trolley, white

RISATORP trolley

THB 2,290
Length: 57 cm, Width: 39 cm, Height: 86 cm
FLYTTA kitchen trolley, stainless steel

FLYTTA kitchen trolley

THB 6,990
Length: 98 cm, Width: 57 cm, Height: 86 cm
UDDEN kitchen trolley, silver-colour, stainless steel

UDDEN kitchen trolley

THB 2,990
Length: 54 cm, Width: 54 cm, Height: 83 cm
KUNGSFORS kitchen trolley, stainless steel

KUNGSFORS kitchen trolley

THB 5,990
Length: 60 cm, Width: 40 cm, Height: 90 cm
You might also be interested with
BEKVÄM kitchen trolley, birch

BEKVÄM kitchen trolley

THB 2,490
Length: 58 cm, Width: 50 cm, Height: 85 cm
FÖRHÖJA kitchen trolley, birch

FÖRHÖJA kitchen trolley

THB 3,690
Length: 100 cm, Width: 43 cm, Height: 90 cm
STENSTORP kitchen trolley, white, oak

STENSTORP kitchen trolley

THB 7,990
Length: 79 cm, Width: 51 cm, Height: 90 cm
STENSTORP kitchen trolley, white, oak

STENSTORP kitchen trolley

THB 5,900
Width: 43 cm, Height: 90 cm, Min. depth: 45.0 cm
NORRÅKER sideboard, white birch

NORRÅKER sideboard

THB 7,490
Length: 120 cm, Width: 50 cm, Height: 85 cm
VADHOLMA kitchen island, black, oak

VADHOLMA kitchen island

THB 15,990
Width: 126 cm, Depth: 79 cm, Height: 90 cm
VADHOLMA rack for kitchen island, black

VADHOLMA rack for kitchen island

THB 3,000
Shelf depth: 32 cm, Shelf width: 141 cm, Width: 143 cm
RIMFORSA work bench

RIMFORSA work bench

THB 14,900
Length: 120 cm, Width: 63.5 cm, Height: 92 cm

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