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Time for some personal space

Between the ages of 8-14, kids explore their identity and how they fit into the world. So our children’s furniture isn’t just practical for everything from sleepovers to gaming, it also helps kids personalise their space and show who they are.

Show the grown-ups what your dream room looks like
This child’s pink bedroom walls are filled with hand drawn sketches and art. Nurture creativity with functional pine furniture that organises art supplies.
Children’s bedroom with white walls with black spots and a white bed with pale pink bedding.
A contemporary turquoise, grey and white children’s bedroom with a white and light blue STUVA/FRITIDS wardrobe.
IKEA SVÄRTA metal bunk bed frame is the perfect base for showing off your style: in this case, these siblings’s love for all things animals.
A green and white, amazon theme children’s bedroom with STUVA/FRITIDS Loft bed combo with 4 drawers / 2 doors.
Create a cool spot with colour
Encourage some teen attitude with boldly styled, white and mosaic patterned MÖJLIGHET quilt cover and pillowcase from IKEA. It’s 100% cotton with widely spaced specks in bright blues, yellows, pinks and greens.
Add attitude to your teen’s bedroom with the bold, colourful patterns in MÖJLIGHET children’s collection including bedlinen, cushions and a bed pocket.
Double your storage with a small, durable and clever MÖJLIGHET headphone/tablet stand from IKEA. It’s red, lightweight steel, resembles an upright snake and designed for teens but can be used by adults, too.
In eye-catching red or classic black, MÖJLIGHET headset/tablet stand helps you keep headphones, mobile phones and tablets organised.
MÖJLIGHET Quilt cover and pillowcase THB 590
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The secret to your child's success
A tribute to our endangered species
URSKOG quilt covers are made from more sustainable cotton with prints inspired by wild animals.
Meet the tiger, panda and other wild animals from our URSKOG collection that pays tribute to the world’s endangered species – find them on duvet covers, towels and more.
If it opens, breaks, falls, burns, spills or hurts - it needs proofing. Luckily, we have PATRULL and UNVIKA, a collection of home safety products to help you make the home a safer place for little ones.

Corner bumper

Reduces the risk of injury from sharp corners and edges i.e. tables and counter tops.

Fastened by adhesive.


Prevents children access the contents of tool cabinets, drawers, the fridge or freezer.

Fastened by adhesive.

Door stop

Reduces the risk of children jamming their fingers and toes in door frames.

Max door thickness:
up to 4.5 cm.

Window catch

Prevents small children from opening sliding or swinging windows on their own.

Screws not included.

Drawer catch

Prevents children from accessing the contents of kitchen drawers or cabinets.

Screws included.

Anti-slip strip

Reduces the risk of slipping on the stairs, step-stools or wet surfaces. Can be cut.

Fastened by adhesive.

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