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“During the 80’s Åsa Gray made some beautiful colourful designs for IKEA. She was one of our icon designers and so very Scandinavian. I particularly like the rugs and cushions - they’re significant for that time period.”
Karin Gustavsson, IKEA Creative Leader

Explore more editions of GRATULERA

Launching at three different dates, the GRATULERA limited edition vintage collection brings back some of your (and our) fondest memories of IKEA. We’ve missed these golden oldies quite a bit, and hope you have too.
Let’s reminisce back to the 70’s and 80’s with IStep into the 50-60’s with GRATULERA vintage collection, celebrating IKEA 75 years.There’s nothing more Swedish than a Dala horse. FINANSIELL decoration horse is part of IKEA GRATULERA vintage collection, celebrating 75 years of design.

50-60’s edition

In case you missed the first launch of GRATULERA vintage collection, you might just quickly want to check out these classic comebacks.

90-00’s edition

Looking back upon the 90’s, it doesn’t feel all too long ago, right? It’s clean and minimal, mixing untreated, blonde Scandinavian woods with graphic patterns.