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Ready to kick-start that business you’ve always dreamed of having? Or perhaps you're interested in taking your current business to the next level? Well, IKEA can help you – in ways that may surprise you.

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Let's talk business.
Get the help you need on your business
About IKEA Business

Get the help you need

At IKEA, you'll not only find home furnishings and decorative inspiration, but a wealth of practical advice and knowledge to bring your plans together.

We offer helpful services including planning, picking, delivery and installation - everything to make achieving your business dreams just that little bit easier.

Corporate benefits

Reap the fantastic benefits of holding a corporate account* with us:

  1. Corporate credit payments (subject to approval)
  2. Rebates
  3. Pre-ordering stock
  4. Our one-stop shop for interior planning services, project co-ordination, delivery, assembly and installation.
*Register your company with IKEA BUSINESS by calling us on 02 708 7925 (Bangna) / 02 779 5066 (Bang Yai) / 095 204 2801 (Phuket).


Call IKEA BUSINESS now for our assistance through the purchasing process. You may also contact us for any required services related to office planning and/or furnishing your space.

02 708 7925
02 779 5066
Phuket (pick-up point)
095 204 2801

For all other inquiries, please read our FAQ or visit your local store.

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Our services
All the help you need to turn dreams into reality

Need a little help to get the job done? Or would you rather let someone to do the whole job for you?
We’ve got you covered. Get down to business today by simply selecting the services you need.

Our team of professionals is here to help. We’ll assist you with creating a detailed plan to turn your dreams into reality.
Let us do the heavy lifting. Whether you’re shopping in store or online, we'll bring it all to your home or business, no matter how big the purchase!
Picking and delivery
Let us take the stress out of shopping. We’ll gather everything on your list, do all the heavy lifting and safely deliver all items to your home or business.
Let us help you get things up and running. Whether you need a little help or a lot, we offer a range of installation options at different levels of required service.
Looking to save on resources? All our products are designed to be self-assembled, but we’re more than happy to help save you the time of putting it all together.
Payment and finance
With a range of credit options and 0% interest rate finance, you can pay all at once or bit by bit; we accept credit, debit and IKEA Gift cards.
Our range
A world of possibilities

We don’t just want to be your local furniture store or website. We want to be the long-term partner that helps your business grow and succeed.
Let us nurture your dreams by embracing the many possibilities. Find all the inspiration you need to get started below.

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From idea to reality with IKEA
Take advantage of the IKEA planning tools to build your dreams and see them come to life.

Play around with your choice of colours, styles, sizes, configurations to get an exact costing.

What are you waiting for?
Plan your way to perfection!

We help you piece
it all together

We can support
your dreams