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Wall shelves & organisation

Don’t know what to do with all your things? Think vertical and start using your walls to free up space and keep your home a bit more tidy. Wall storage and wall organization is something we truly believe in at IKEA, and we make sure that you can customize it after your needs.

Hooks that make a home

Keys, scarves, jewellery, hats, towels, jackets, belts, umbrellas, photos, headphones, toys. Hooks are useful for many things, but when they are also cute and easy to use like the new TIPPVAGN self-adhesive hooks, you simply need more.

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A wall section with two house-shaped TIPPVAGN self-adhesive hooks, arranged close to each other, one holding a keyring.
A wall section with multiple house-shaped TIPPVAGN self-adhesive hooks, arranged side by side in a row.
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