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Rugs and mats turn a bare floor into the base of your home. From your living room to your bedroom and bathroom, they bring warmth, stability and atmosphere to your living space. So take a walk on our rugs and mats, and find out how to get comfort right at your feet.

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Good for you, good for the environment

TIPHEDE is made of 100% recycled cotton from our own production waste. That’s good for the environment and means you can have a natural feeling under your feet without a too large impact on your wallet or the environment

Keep warm with natural jute fibre

LOHALS rug is made of 100% jute. It’s a highly durable, natural fibre that doesn’t need large amounts of pesticides or fertilisers to grow. A jute rug is also a good companion for cold floors, as it has great heat insulation qualities.

Don’t forget to use our STOPP anti-slip underlay under the entire rug for increased safety!

Handmade rugs with nothing swept under the mat

We’ve been working with our producers to make sure that you get real handmade rugs with all the quality and feel you'd expect, while you feel safe and confident about the working conditions of the people who make them.

In 2010, IKEA started an initiative in India and Bangladesh establishing regulated weaving centres to improve conditions for weavers while keeping the traditional craft alive. Better conditions mean better products for you.

Make it modular!

Can one size rug fit all rooms? Watch and learn from LANGSTED. Cleverly cut edges mean that several of these soft and durable rugs can be joined together.

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