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Chairs, Stools & Benches

Come in and take a seat! We want to make it easy to find the chairs your home needs. So we've collected them here, whether you’re looking for a striking accent chair, a comfy dining chair, a space-saving folding chair, an ergonomic office chair or something else — a seat for everyone.

Your guests won’t be leaving any time soon

We don’t know how it happened, but the new KRYLBO chair believes it’s a sofa. Maybe it’s the sturdy design with soft padding and lumbar support. Or the elegant Tonerud cover with a mélange effect. Sure, it’s a great chair. But the side effect is that nobody will want to get up!

A display arrangement of four KRYLBO chairs, three dark beige and one blue, one of them on a centrally placed pedestal.
Parts of the seat and frame of a blue KRYLBO chair, placed in profile in a space with grey floors and wooden walls.

For small spaces and large parties

If you think big when throwing parties but your home is far from being a mansion, just add the new GENESÖN chair to your guest list. With its slim design in lightweight metal, it’s easy to move around, and the bright colours help create a festive atmosphere.

Parts of the seat and frame of a red GENESÖN chair, featuring their bent details, in a dark blue room.
Three GENESÖN chairs, two red and one blue, facing each other in a space with walls and floors in electric blue.

Work-from-home buddies that have your back

These desk chairs let you sit comfortably so you can focus. They offer plenty of support while looking good too. You can choose from a wide range of styles and find one that fits your interiors – from classic-style upholstered conference chairs to sleek and stylish gaming chairs.

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A refined workspace at home has an arched floor lamp hanging over an IDANÄS desk with a drawer open, and a work lamp on it.
A light grey MATCHSPEL gaming chair stands at an UTESPELARE gaming desk beside a golden-brown IDÅSEN drawer unit on castors.
See all desk chairs for home

Adapt to life at home, your office can be your study room and your gaming room. Sitting for long hours makes our ergonomic chair a winner — if you sit right, everything works better. Be kinder to your neck, back, and also your bottom with IKEA’s comfortable ergonomic chairs.

Comfortable chairs mean you can spend more time concentrating on work, rather than suffering from a pain in your back. Our ergonomic chairs come with features like armrests, height-adjustable seats, and tilt functions that your body will love. Pick from various chair styles to fit in any spaces to work in comfort. There is something about IKEA’s ergonomic chairs that makes you feel like you can get anything done, your body will thank you for it.

The average office worker may be sitting in the wrong chair for long periods of time which could lead to serious health problems — adding an ergonomic office chair can alleviate these problems. Some of the benefits of ergonomic chairs include posture support to reduce lower back pain and hips pressure due to sitting down for long hours, increased blood circulation that reduces the risk of depression and heart diseases, and most importantly, designed for long-term use that’ll save you money in the long run. 

Meetings won’t be a bore with our ergonomic chairs. Perhaps it is the armrests you can grip to show that you have everything under control, or the ergonomic designs that perk you up and keep you focused? Our chairs are designed with curved lines that are kinder to your backbone and neck, together with a tilt and height-adjusting mechanism to suit your weight and movements. Opt for conference chairs with castors for a little swivel fun whenever you need a break, or a chair with an active sit/stand support. 

Studying and working requires a high level of concentration; you would require a comfortable chair as a trusty desk companion. Browse a variety of ergonomic chairs, swivel chairs and desk chairs equipped with tilt functions, adjustable seats and brake mechanism to keep the chair in place when you move -- keeping you and your bottom safe. The castors are also rubber-coated to run smoothly on any floor surfaces. 

The importance of good posture among children cannot be overemphasised, it sets up habits for life. Poor sitting posture creates raised pressure in the lower back, which will lead to unhealthy growth and bone development, particularly at a young age. Your little ones require a comfortable space for their studies and hobbies too. Our children’s chair offers a wide range of innovative features, like height-adjustable seats, flexible backrests and pressure-sensitive brake mechanisms to ensure child safety. These ergonomic chairs also come in fun colours to match their personality or preference!

Having the right furniture creates a conducive environment for study and work that could be beneficial for personal health. Make working and studying from home better with IKEA’s furniture.