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Armchairs & Chaise Longues

Let’s get comfy

Curling up with a great book (and lots of chocolate), watching your favourite series, or simply spending time with family, you can easily create a cosy spot in your own living room for these activities. Choose armchairs, chaise lounges or easy chairs that are perfect for your style, functions and space.

Easy to move, easy to love

Lightweight and comfy, there’s always room for one or two LINNEBÄCK easy chairs.

See all fabric armchairs
See all fabric armchairs

Relax and recharge in a comfortable armchair

Whether you want to create a comfortable reading nook or a flexible spot for watching TV or listening to music, a classic armchair will do the trick. Go for a stackable and lightweight rattan chair or one that adds privacy with a high-back panel and soft, rounded armrests and back cushion.

We tend to have unused corners at home, and you don’t quite know what to do with it. It’s too small to fit a huge cabinet to expand your storage space, but leaving it empty makes it an awkward, bare space. Turn the space into a reading corner, music corner or a personal lounging space with a comfortable armchair, side table and floor lamp! Placing an armchair in a room is an alternative to add personality to a space, besides painting a feature wall or hanging artwork.

A cosy spot to curl up with a book, the perfect finishing touch to living room seating or a bold accent to brighten a dull corner — an armchair is a highly versatile piece of furniture with many ways to upgrade your home. Our fabric armchairs were totally designed for long hours of comfort. They come in a wide array of designs, just swap its removable machine-washable covers anytime for an instant style refresh. We have lounge chairs made of mesh fabric, high-back chairs to support your sitting position, classic-style chairs with rounded edges and a wide range of seating to fit your style. If you are all about the luxurious look, opt for a leather/coated fabric armchair or a chaise lounge. With a smooth texture and glossy colour that resembles real leather, our coated fabric armchairs are equipped with cushions filled with high resilience foam for extra comfort — with far lower prices than real leather.

Looking forward to some me-time after a day’s work? Put on some music, lay back on a wing chair, a chair bed or a recliner and prop up your legs on a footstool to relax after a day's work. Most of our chair beds also give you a variety of removable covers for a quick style refresh anytime. A recliner is also an ideal choice, as most of them are adjustable to three positions and come with an inbuilt footstool for maximum comfort — it also comes with extra compartments to keep remotes, magazines and anything you wish!

Wish to have extra seats for unexpected guests during family gatherings and home parties? Get our lightweight and flexible armchairs. We have easy chairs that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors — lightweight and stylish, designed with sleek edges and lines for an airy feel. They are easy to move around so you can chill in the living room for movies during the day, and move outdoors for drinks at night. If you are looking to incorporate some tropical feel into your home, look no further than our series of rattan armchairs. Made with hand-woven rattan and a mixture of natural materials such as banana fibres and ash, they are lightweight yet sturdy. Rattan is an extremely malleable material, which can be woven into all sorts of patterns that gives it a distinct, airy feel — a one-of-a-kind furniture piece that evokes an eclectic atmosphere.

Discover IKEA’s wide range of armchairs with unique style and design that is bound to spice up even the dullest corners at home. Match it with a statement floor lamp, cabinets or a side table to keep things within arm’s reach, so you can lounge, read and snack for long hours on your chair without needing to leave!