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Welcome to the world of children – where imagination runs wild and toys clutter the bedroom floor. But worry not, whether you’re nurturing an aspiring artist or simply looking to store playtime away, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy every chapter of being a parent.

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Essentials for starting out at home with baby

Preparing for a baby can be quite an overwhelming process! If you only have the opportunity to do 4 things to prepare your home for your new addition, make it these:

Playful furniture for older kids

Kids use their bedrooms for all sorts of activities. Sleeping, playing, studying, gaming – the list goes on. Whether you're kitting out a bedroom for a young child or redecorating for a teen, we're brimming with fun, kid-friendly products:

Storage for every itty-bitty thing

From diaper creams and baby socks to headphones and sports medals, kids' belongings change a lot over the years. Our children's small storage has storage boxes, baskets and hooks to store them all so they're easy to find while still giving the kids space to play or hang out. Check them out: 

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