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What’s new at IKEA? A lot. Always. Expect to find collections that are very different, but always have one thing in common – they make your everyday life better.


Share the joys of plant-parenting and host a potting party with the DAKSJUS gardening collection!

From practical accessories to pots that will make your plants shine, our DAKSJUS collection has everything you need to set up a more inspiring everyday life. Now, bring your planting dreams to life.

Available online and in-store from 1 February 2024.

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The hands of two people planting seeds in DAKSJUS plant pots next to a sprout-patterned DAKSJUS potting mat filled with soil.
A DAKSJUS plant stand made of bamboo is placed beside a light grey ÄPPLARYD sofa. Two plants in green pots are placed on the top and bottom compartments of the stand.
A person preparing a table with plants, DAKSJUS trays, plant pots and accessories on a sprout-patterned DAKSJUS tablecloth.
A DAKSJUS self-watering plant with four seedlings is placed on a coffee table.
A garden with four people around a table with plants, DAKSJUS trays, plant pots and accessories on a DAKSJUS tablecloth.
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Discover DAJLIEN - a new, multi-functional home training collection

If your New Year resolution is to be healthier and fitter, it's easier to fulfil that with the DAJLIEN limited collection. With smart, multi-functional training gear, DAJLIEN inspires training in your everyday life through easy-to-use pieces designed to fit seamlessly into the home.

Video: Video showing a woman exercising with health equipment from the DAJLIEN collection.
DAJLIEN health equipment, a dress and a jacket are hung on DAJLIEN valet stands. A DAJLIEN translucent carrier bag is placed beside the valet stands.
A woman squats down along the rails as she holds a DAJLIEN training weight. A DAJLIEN belt bag is strapped to her waist.
A woman exercises on the DAJLIEN bench with storage as she holds on to the DAJLIEN training weight.
A bird’s eye image of the DAJLIEN 4-piece exercise set on the DAJLIEN exercise mat in green.

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