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Main entrance hallway

Inspiration for your main entrance hallway

A hallway with dark grey PAX wardrobes, SINNERLIG bamboo lamp, and STÄLL shoe cabinets underneath a windowsill with plants.

Make room for many shoes

Jogging shoes, sneakers, slippers, high heels, and more, there's a perfect pair for every occasion and outing. With so many shoes, having somewhere to store all the shoes is more than just practical – it’s a great way to give them a home.

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Main entrance hallway in the home with a PAX wardrobe with FORSAND doors showing a row of open storage for shoes. Next to the wardrobe is a STÄLL shoe cabinet in white, with a BAGGMUCK shoe tray below it and SKADIS pegboard, EKET cube storage and other decorative items on top.
MACKAPAR shoe storage shelf with sliding doors in a main entrance of a home with a MULIG clothes bar on top next to a SKADIS pegboard.
White STÄLL shoe cabinet in the main entrance with pairs of shoes neatly arranged inside. A SKUBB shoe storage box with a pair of shoes is on the floor next to it, and other decorative items including a watering can are placed on top of the cabinet.
BISSA white shoe cabinet with one compartment open showing several shoes placed neatly inside. A large PLUTTIS wall clock hangs above the cabinets with a TERTIAL work lamp mounted on the wall next to it.
STÄLL shoe cabinet in oak veneer in the main entrance hallway with two compartments opened up to reveal pairs of shoes neatly arranged in the cabinet. A large round BLASER mirror is mounted on the wall above the shoe cabinet.
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School days start easy with the right storage fixes

Prepare bags, coats, shoes and socks all in one organised space, so the young ones and you have a fun and easy time. Goodbye to hallway chaos! 

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Hallway entrance with white MACKAPÄR shoe cabinet opened slightly to show shoes neatly arranged inside. A FLISAT children's stool sits next to the cabinet, with a SPORTSLIG wall shelf mounted on the wall above with various children items such as lanyards, toys and more on top.
Hallway entrance of a home with several TJUSIG wall hooks hanging in a row with coats, bags, clothing items and others hung on the hooks. A BAGGMUCK shoe mat is placed on the floor beneath the hooks, with pairs of shoes neatly arranged on each mat.
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