Sleep better. Live better.

The key to feeling good? A great night's sleep.

We sleep for one third of our lives, and a great night's sleep is important for us to feel well and feel rested. That’s why we've gathered all of our mattresses, mattress pads, protectors, pillows and quilts into a handy guide to help you find the best solution for a better night's sleep.


When it comes to mattresses, one size doesn't fit all. We understand that because people are built differently, they sleep differently too. That’s why we offer a range of mattresses with varying levels of comfort and support settings to help you find the perfect match.


Almost all of our mattresses are covered by a 25 year guarantee against defects and workmanship. And, because we know it takes time for you and your mattress to get used to each other, you have up to 365 days to return your mattress if you're not compatible. 

25 Year Mattress Guarantee

365 Day Return Policy

Spring & Foam Mattresses

We all have different mattress preferences. Whether you prefer sleeping on a sprung, latex or foam surface, you can rest-assured knowing that all IKEA mattress are designed with your comfort and support in mind.

Spring mattresses

IKEA bedroom furnishings, Spring mattress cross section

Spring mattresses distribute your weight evenly, so there's no extra pressure on any one part of your body. The open spring construction means that air flows through the mattress so you won't get too warm whilst you're sleeping. Plus, spring mattresses are extremely durable, so you're sure to have a great night's sleep for years to come.

Foam mattresses

IKEA bedroom furnishings, foam mattress build cross section

Foam mattresses provide support by moulding to the shape of your body and evenly distributing your weight. They're soft and resilient, and they facilitate blood circulation to help you fully relax. They also absorb the shock of movement, so even if you have a partner that tosses and turns during the night, you'll have a peaceful sleep.

Still can't decide? Our guides can help! 

 Our popular mattresses

 Mattress Pads & Mattress Protectors

Adding a mattress pad and/or a mattress protector is an easy way to add an extra layer of comfort to your mattress. And they prolong the life of your mattress by protecting it from dust, dirt and stains.

Mattress pads

A mattress pad lies on top of your mattress to provide even more comfort, and to help protect against dirt and dust. They're easy to remove for airing and cleaning, so you can keep your bed feeling fresh.


Good to know - Our KNAPSTAD mattress pad isn't just comfortable memory foam, it's also topped with a layer of gel that keeps you cool all night long. Perfect for the hot climate!

Mattress protectors

A mattress protector will help your mattress or mattress pad last longer by protecting it from stains and dirt. They're easy to remove and wash when needed, and they provide extra comfort and softness.

Popular mattress pads & protectors

 Quilts & Pillows

IKEA home furnishings, Bedroom Textiles, Quilts and Pillows

Quilts, pillows and pillow protectors are an important part of the complete sleep comfort. The pillow that feels best for you, together with a quilt in your preferred material, and your ideal mattress are the base for your perfect night's sleep.



A quilt that is just right for you is determined by your sleeping preferences. Do you easily get warm or cold, or do you share the bed with someone? Our quilts are split into different warmth rates, so we're sure you'll find your perfect match.


We offer pillows in a softer and firmer comfort scale. We also recommend pillows based on how you sleep - on your side, on your back or on your stomach. With filling choices ranging from down and feather, memory foam or polyester, and covers made from natural and renewable materials, they will support your conscience as well as your sleeping style.

Popular quilts & pillows

Bed Linen & Textiles


The secret to a good lie-in? Soft bed linens that are stylish and sustainable, cushions that give you extra comfort and throws that provide an extra layer of warmth. All within a price and style that you long for. Some breakfast in bed wouldn't hurt, either.

There's only really one thing that matters when it comes to bedding, and that's comfort. All of our bed linen is super soft and cosy, and a lot of our range is made from sustainable cotton so they're better for the environment too.

Our blankets and throws may be the easier way to add warmth (and style) to your home - drape them around your shoulders or over your knees, sit back and relax. 


Enjoy a cosier night's sleep and add a bedspread. It's the easiest way to add a little extra softness to your life, and you can swap them around as often as the mood strikes.

Add atmosphere, style and comfort to your bedroom and home with a few extra cushions. Swap the covers and instantly you've had the easiest and most affordable makeover your bedroom has ever seen.

Everything you need for a stylish and relaxing bedroom  

Rise and shine in style

Now you've chosen your mattress, you need the perfect bed. We can help you find a frame that’s big enough to stretch out but cosy enough to snuggle up tight. And one that's built to last for years – in a style that you’ll love just as long.

Keep the outside out

Everyone loves the outdoors, but in the bedroom it's important that we keep elements like sunlight and draughts outside. Our range of curtains and blinds enhance your view from the inside by creating a wonderful atmosphere and ensure you're getting a rest from any disturbances from the great outdoors.

Soften your step

Whether they’re plush, flat woven, round, square or sheepskin, rugs bring style, comfort and atmosphere to your bedroom. And they muffle noise from other rooms, or from the steps of your noisy partner when you're enjoying a sleep in.

Set the mood

Get yourself ready for sleep by switching the main lights out and opting for a softer, subtle bedside light. Dimming the level of light as you drift off to sleep ensures you get a perfect night's rest.

Did you know?

IKEA home furnishings, sustainable cotton materials

All our cotton is from sustainable sources.

Since 1st September 2015, all the cotton we use for IKEA products comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled, or grown with less water, chemical fertiliser and pesticide, while increasing profit margins for farmers.

We’re proud about our progress, but our journey to improve the cotton industry doesn’t end here. Through projects in our sourcing countries, we aim to further improve farmers’ profitability and reduce the environmental impact of cotton farming. By sharing our experiences with the wider industry, our long-term goal is to transform the entire cotton market.

Because in order for you to sleep well, they need to sleep well too! Visit our dedicated page on A Perfect Night's Sleep for Children.

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