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TÅRTBAK Baking mould, diamond-shaped/silicone,

Price $ 3.90

How to get it

TÅRTBAK baking mould gives your pastries a nice diamond shape. It withstands oven heat up to 225 °C, is dishwasher-safe – and can be put in the freezer if you want diamond-shaped ice cubes for the party!

Article number304.856.61

Product details

This mould is perfect for cupcakes, muffins and desserts.

Mould your cake into a diamond shape.

Make your own diamond-shaped ice cube, the mould works well in the freezer.

The baking mould can be used both in the oven and the freezer.

Remember to butter the mould before pouring in the batter.

Let the cake fully cool down before you flip it out of the mould.


Kevin Gouriou

  • Bear in mind that sharp objects can damage the silicone. Only use plastic utensils for e.g. cutting out cookies.

  • Material
    Silicone rubber

    Withstands temperatures up to 225°C.





Diameter: 12 cm

Height: 7 cm

Volume: 250 ml

  • TÅRTBAKArticle number304.856.61

    Length: 8 cm

    Weight: 0.08 kg

    Diameter: 12 cm

    Package(s): 1