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SOCKERBIT Storage box with lid, grey-green,

Price $ 3.50
SOCKERBIT Storage box with lid, grey-green, 19x26x15 cm
SOCKERBIT Storage box with lid, white, 38x76x30 cm

How to get it

This durable plastic box in discreet grey-green is perfect for small things that easily disappear. You can also write on the exterior what’s inside. Available in several different colours and sizes.

Article number805.140.67

Product details

Great for organising small things such as hobby items or screws.

Fits well in cabinets and shelving units with shelves that are at least 19 cm deep.

You get a better overview of your small items if you use many small boxes instead of gathering everything in one large box.

The built-in locking function keeps the lid in place which protects your things from dirt and dust.

The contents are kept fresh since the lid’s design allows air to circulate, even when the box is closed.

You can easily stack boxes of different sizes, as they’re made to fit each other.

You can easily organise and find your things since there are two small areas you can write on or attach labels to.


K Hagberg/M Hagberg


Width: 19 cm

Depth: 26 cm

Height: 15 cm


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