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GISTAD Recliner, Idekulla dark red

Price $ 349

10 year guarantee

GISTAD Recliner, Bomstad black
GISTAD Recliner, Idekulla dark red

How to get it

Pamper yourself with a moment of comfy me-time. With this neat recliner you can choose if you want to sit upright, lean back or lie down for a quick nap – and put two together for some we-time!

Article number004.663.91

Product details

You can set this reclining armchair in 3 positions – upright, lean back and full recline – making it easy to adapt to various activities at home.

Choose between 2 fixed covers for your GISTAD recliner: the durable Bomstad coated fabric with the look and feel of leather, and Idekulla dark red fabric to add a warm and cosy atmosphere to the room.

10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.


IKEA of Sweden


Width: 66 cm

Depth: 84 cm

Height: 96 cm

Seat width: 53 cm

Seat depth: 54 cm

Seat height: 47 cm


I bought 2 Gistad forRogerI bought 2 Gistad for a 47m2 apartment. Both were in black. I live in Singapore. What I like 1. The recliner function. 2. relatively well padded for the back 3. easy to clean: the fabric is imitation leather. Because the recliner is raised, one can clean under the seat. What I do not like 1. the arm rest could have more bolstering at the top and at the sides. 2. The installation cost and transportation cost was unexpectedly high. Honestly how many of us could have our own means of transportation to bring to our apartments? This is a sofa! If it were a bed, how would one bring it back? Do you expect us in Singapore to have our own transport to bring a piece of bulky furniture back to our apartments? Furthermore, the installation cost was for each piece, at a percentage of the price of the product. Ikea, this is a piece of furniture! Surely, not everyone are hands-on, capable of assembling furniture. Imagine the elderly who bought this. Have you considered this? Surely if one were to have it delivered, the least you could have considered building in the cost of installation into the cost of delivery. The listed price of Ikea products seems attractive but be mindful of the cost of delivery and installation. Both extras could end up to be as high as 25% of the entire cost. Those are hidden costs.4