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What’s new in the IKEA range

It's all about quality, together

Open the door to something new, for tidier and cosier times in ol' favourite corners. Especially those spaces that you enjoy with loved ones.

A white HALTARP 3-seater sofa in the living room, with cushions on it and a BURVIK coffee table beside it.
Black NÄTBARB bowls are stacked atop one another and vine tomatoes are on a SNÖKRABBA table cloth. Glasses and cutlery on a SNÖKRABBA napkin are beside the bowls.
Red GENESÖN chairs are hung onto the walls, and one of them is open to hold a MAJSMOTT cushion cover in off-white/red. Red BUNKEFLO pendant lamps are hung on the ceiling, and two red GLADOM tray tables are placed on the floor.
Two girls baking cupcakes using SNÖKRABBA baking cups. They plate the cupcakes on a red GARNERA two-tier serving stand.
A TRINDSNÖ floor lamp on a STOCKHOLM rug has a drinking glass on its table surface and books in the storage basket.

Create Christmas wonderlands anywhere you want ☃️

Ready to host your guests and enjoy the year-end mood? We got you covered for your potlucks, cosy spots, decor, gifts and more.

Also: enjoy up to 60% off all Christmas range, and IKEA Family members get an extra 10% off in-store only! 

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A dining table full of cookies, candies and other pastries plated on the green VINTERFINT and red GARNERA serving trays, surrounded by paper napkins in pink and red stripes, white mugs, and candles in green glass tealight holders from the VINTERFINT collection. The dining table is draped with a VINTERFINT tablecloth with motifs of apples and leaves.
A STRÅLA LED light chain with gift boxes is wrapped around the handle of a black BURVIK side table, which also holds a STRÅLA decorative tree-shaped table lamp.
White text against red background reads: Furthe reduction: Up to 60% off Christmas range. Extra 10% off for IKEA Family members.
A dining room with a long extendable table draped with a white tablecloth, deliberately decorated with a VINTERFINT tree-shaped pine stand, a vase of flowers, candles and other items. Surrounding the table are different types of chairs, including the black STEFAN chair and the blue KYRRE stool. A black VINTERFINT cushion with sewn scandinavian patterns is placed on a wooden bench.
A VINTERFINT Santa Claus soft toy and a rectangular dark blue VINTERFINT cushion with Scandinavian embroidery are placed on a rocking chair.
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The AFTONSPARV collection has landed!

Play is vital for children’s development, so we’ve done our best to make sure there’s something for everyone. From space-travelling finger puppets and soft toys to spaceships and rockets, we’ve got all you need for space-themed fun. 

What's more - join our play activities in stores, and satisfy your sweet tooth with food treats!

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Video: A child and an adult playing outer-space themed games on a round AFTONSPARV space rug and a round table set for breakfast.
A child sits in an AFTONSPARV play tent rocket and looks up, beside cushions and AFTONSPARV Earth and alien soft toys.
A child stands in a galaxy-themed space holding their hands up, showing the AFTONSPARV 5-piece puppet set on their fingers.
A child and an adult reading a story together in an AFTONSPARV play tent rocket which is on a cream rug in a living room.
An AFTONSPARV soft toy cat wearing an astronaut suit and sitting in an AFTONSPARV soft toy spaceship on top of a space rug.
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