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IKEA Home Smart Sound

    SYMFONISK - as good as it sounds

    It’s as easy as one, two, three. Simply download the Sonos app on your phone or tablet and follow the steps to start listening. Using Sonos Trueplay technology, SYMFONISK will even adjust its output to suit your home acoustics.

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    Wireless control

    WiFi streams music, podcasts and radio from your network instead of your phone or tablet, so there’s no annoying interruptions from notifications or phone calls. It’s smart and easy, and you don’t miss a beat.

    SYMFONISK table lamp speaker

    This table lamp speaker blends into the home and saves space. And two functions (light and sound) in one means you’ve got one less cord to hide and one less power socket to find.

    SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker

    Our Red Dot Award winning bookshelf speaker, can even double as a smaller wall-mounted shelf itself, or a bedside table for your mobile phone, glass of water or bedtime reading.

    Create atmosphere in every room

    You can control each speaker individually with multiroom audio, so you can play music in one room while the children listen to an audiobook in another.

    Or, you can play the same sound throughout your home. Hit play, then you can pause, skip songs or adjust the volume using the controls in your Sonos app.

    Home theatre system

    You can even pair two SYMFONISK table lamp speakers or two bookshelf speakers and create a Sonos home theatre product for surround sound experience.

    Grouping two identical SYMFONISK speakers in the same room to create a wider stereo experience guves the impression of sound heard from various directions with depth, perspective and space just like you get with natural hearing.

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    Be smart, listen to your home

    Sound is a powerful mood booster. Like light, it can give you that warm atmosphere that says you’re home. IKEA has combined its home furnishing knowledge with the great sound expertise of Sonos to create SYMFONISK WiFi speakers, and truly furnish your home with sound.

      IKEA and Sonos (going forward)

      IKEA and Sonos are working in collaboration, exploring new ways to make room for great sound throughout your home. Right now, you can get our SYMFONISK range of speakers (combining IKEA home furnishing knowledge with Sonos expertise in sound) to fill your home with music. But who knows what’s coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.

      Sound is a powerful partner in creating a sense of home. Like the soundtrack of your favorite movie, it creates an atmosphere that lets life take center stage.

      Tad Toulis, VP of Design Sonos

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