Spend as much time outdoors as you can this summer. This summer range has durable, easy-to-clean products that are as functional and expressive indoors as they are outdoors. Whether socializing, eating, cooking, relaxing, playing or working, this range invites you to step outside, relax and open up to possibilities.

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Host a colourful home cookout

For food that falls off the bone. Make mealtimes fun again with the family at home - grab an apron and get cooking with KLASEN

Colourise the table. Dig into dinner with STRIMMIG, a dinnerware series designed to make your food look even more appetizing.

Give your home a tropical touch. Add a relaxing summer feeling to your balcony setup with SOMMAR 2020 textiles.

Set the table (for a good time)

Pop-up dinners. SALTHOLMEN is perfect for your balcony or other small spaces as it can be folded up and put away.

Showcase your flair. SOMMARLIV brings cheerful, tropical colours and patterns for an exotic table setting at your next get-together.

Dine on into the night. Add a soft, decorative glow to your table setting with our wide range of LED lighting chains.

Get grilling with GRILLTIDER

Fire up the grill. With the GRILLTIDER hamburger press, you can make delicious burgers with perfect grill marks at home. 

Two-in-one. Grill smaller pieces of vegetables, meat and fish with the GRILLTIDER Barbeque tray, then use it as a serving platter.

For all your condiments. These GRILLTIDER Squeeze bottles are perfect for all types of sauces, seasonings and marinades.

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