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Outdoor & alfresco dining

When warmer weather arrives, so does lovely days when you can eat outside. Our outdoor dining tables and chairs are available in sets, but you can mix and match just the way you like, too – choose whatever suits your garden, outdoor furniture, or other outdoor flooring the best and get parasol or gazebo if it gets too hot.

Complete your outdoor setup with our wider range of Parasols & gazebos, Tableware and Decorative lighting.

Complete furniture solutions for outdoor dining

Matching outdoor dining sets that fit your needs perfectly, and take the work out of planning family dinners or entertaining guests on balcony, terrace or patio. All that’s left is food and fun.

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An outdoor table holding a serving tray with bowls of food, beside a kitchen towel, chairs with cushions and lamps.
    An outdoor table in white, with two chairs in white with dark grey upholstery and potted plants of different types.
    An outdoor table with chairs and a bench with cushions, hanging lighting and green trees in the background.
    An outdoor table set with many chairs, lanterns, bottles and other items on the table and hanging lights above.
    A wooden outdoor table holding a carafe, drinking glass, a bowl of fruit and a plant, two outdoor chairs with cushions.
    See all dining sets