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Getting back to everyday routines

Back to work – colourfully organised

Getting back to routines after summer can involve a few hurdles. A good way to ease the transition is to prep your workspace with stylish organisers and matching items to keep times, tools and tasks in check (and maybe add a bit of colour, too).

Back to better routines

An organised workspace simplifies getting into postsummer working mode. A beautiful lamp, sleek magazine files and accessible, hook-held storage will do even more: keeping things in check while setting a mood that’s both stylish and relaxed.

Hassle-free transfer of power
Less searching for and fiddling with cables. Now there’s a way to save energy – at least in the sense of avoided frustration. See for yourself. Hook up a wireless charger and feel your pulse drop.

Coffee breaks with benefits

Working from home comes with ups and downs. A definite upside is how it lets you tailor breaks to offer complete relaxation (and your company of choice). And if you can resume work from that position – what’s stopping you?

Working up an appetite

Beyond being the heart of your home, a kitchen table makes for a great makeshift workspace. A desk pad, a clamp spot and task-holding magazine files create an on and-off space that’s easily stowed away in time for dinner.

What’s your ideal bedroom temperature?

A good day starts with a good night’s sleep. On that note, IKEA has a wide range of duvets and pillows to keep your bedroom temperature just right – and the stylish, crisp bed linen to match your beauty sleep.

The basics of bedroom bliss

Creating a calm for the night has a lot to do with minimising distractions. Curtains, colour scheme, and duvet and pillow thickness are all easy ways to adjust light, mood and temperature for a good night’s sleep.

A bathroom set-up made for makeup

The secluded calm of a bathroom makes it an ideal spot for a make-up station. An adjustable mirror and stylish containers for your essentials help refresh the mood, while enabling both relaxed moments and morning-rush efficiency.

The building blocks of a neat hallway

Anyone with too much hallway space, raise your hand. Jokes aside, the key to smooth morning traffic is spelled vertical storage. Luckily, IKEA has shoe racks (MURVEL organisers double their capacity) and boxes to stack and organise your things, floor to ceiling.

Hallway stations for the whole family

In being the launch pad of your home, the hallway is also an ideal spot for styling and accessorising. Separate-level mirrors and hangers let everyone in the family do their last-minute tweaks with the care they deserve.

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