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Gong Xi Fa Joy 恭喜发财, bring joy home this Chinese New Year!

龙年行大运! Wishing you a year of looong happiness in 2024!

* Pronounced "lóng nían xíng dà yùn"
FÖSSTA, our festive limited collection | Reunion feasts | Decorate & refresh | Hosting & visiting | Spring cleaning & organisationHow to prep for CNY 

In the dining room, red chair mats with dragon patterns are placed on top of a rattan bench. Delicacies are placed on the VEDBO dining table. Red lanterns are hung on top of the dining table.

阖家团圆 (hé jiā tuán yuán): Time to feast at reunion dinners!

Get your tummies ready, grab a seat, and cheers to new beginnings! Prepare delicacies with handy cookware, and serve hotpots with beautiful dinnerware for memorable meals and catch-ups. 

Chinese New Year delicacies are plated on FÖSSTA turquoise and yellow plates, which are placed on a VEDBO dining table. A placemat with illustrations of green vases is placed underneath a pair of chopsticks, a yellow mug, a saucer and a bowl on top of a plate. Red chair pads with dragon illustrations are placed on the dining benches.
Two red ÖSTANÖ chairs are stacked and pushed into a white dining table. Beneath the table and chairs is a SVÄRDBORG white rug.
A dark yellow FÖSSTA plate is placed on the dining table, with a grey FÖSSTA saucer and a pair of green FÖSSTA chopsticks on top of it. A yellow FÖSSTA mug is placed above the plate, in the middle of other FÖSSTA tableware.
A woman cooks with an IKEA 365+ wok on a TILLREDA induction hob. She places a KLOCKREN steamer on top of the wok. Beside her, two younger women are busy preparing ingredients.
Two green NISSAFORS trolleys are filled with cookware stored in a SAMLA box, KONCIS tins, KLOCKREN steamers, ingredients in transparent KORKEN jars, and other kitchen accessories.

龙光焕发 (lóng guāng huàn fā): Quick spruces to refresh and renew your home

Welcome prosperity, good luck, fortune and all the good things in this year of the dragon. Here are our recommended decorations, bed and bath textiles, and more!

A bed with FÖSSTA duvet covers featuring patterns of vases and auspicious flowers inspired by Song dynasty porcelain in turquoise colour. Beside the bed, a red FÖSSTA lamp shade is hung above a side table.
A FÖSSTA vase with cherry blossoms is placed on a table with a red packet leaning on it. Some treats such as oranges are placed in front of the vase.
A pink MOALISA curtain is hung in front of a windowsill, concealing pots of plants.
A woman lies on top of an AFJALL foam mattress on a SLATTUM grey bedframe, with light green duvet cover and pillow case.
FÖSSTA pink cushion with green vase patterns, and a red FÖSSTA throw are placed on the ESSEBODA sofa.

福气满堂 (fú qì mǎn táng): Treat your guests to a beautiful home

Here are some ideas to help you get ready for the celebrations, so you can make your house inviting and fun for anyone who visits. Just enjoy the process and the bustling atmosphere!

On a BORGEBY coffee table, a FÖSSTA snack box with assorted tidbits is placed beside fortune cookies in yellow bowls on a FÖSSTA tray, as well as a FÖSSTA lighting chain with dragons.
A person wearing a patterned yellow flower top holds a turquoise FÖSSTA pouch with vase patterns.
A person pours tea into yellow FÖSSTA mugs placed on a bamboo tray.
A light blue VIMLE sofa with ÅSVEIG cushions in pink and green is placed in front of a brown coffee table.
A white MACKAPÅR shoe rack is filled with female shoes on each of its 4 shelves, from boots and heels to flats and sandals. The rack is placed against a yellow wall on a grey-tiled floor.

除旧迎新 (chú jiù yíng xīn): Rescue to your last-minute spring-cleaning

Sweep away the bad luck and reclaim your home! From cabinets to boxes and organisers, our flexible storage solutions are sure to help you find items where you need them.

A NORDKISA open wardrobe made of bamboo with folded and hung clothes is placed in front of a brown wall, beside a mirror and shoe racks.
On a white MALM drawer are assorted decorations and items such as small vases of flowers, beauty accessories in a GODMORGON mini chest of drawers, and a KRUBBET mobile phone holder in the form of a chair. A NISSEDAL mirror in a black frame is placed above the white MALM drawer.
A BORGEBY coffee table is placed in front of a red SODERHAMN sofa. A white SPINNROCK box with compartments is placed on the table, open to reveal pieces of papers.
A SAXBORGA storage box with mirror lid is open to reveal beauty products. The lid with a mirror is slotted into the box.
IVAR cabinets painted in green is placed against a wall, filled with tableware, wine glasses and storage boxes.

IKEA Family offer: 15% off selected storage solutions

Only in stores from 1 - 29 Feb, check the IKEA Family offer price when you visit! While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

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Cartons, bottles, paper rolls and assorted items are placed on all four shelves on a black BROR shelving unit. Text reads: BROR shelving unit, IKEA family price: $182.75. Usual price: $215. Adjustable shelves. Offer valid until 29 Feb 2024.
SOCKERBIT boxes are slotted into grey-green OMAR shelving units. Text reads: OMAR shelving unit, IKEA family price: $50.15. Usual price: $59/each
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A dragon and a ball surround the IKEA gift card. Chinese new year decorations are peppered across the background.

The perfect gift for every 'ong'casion

IKEA Gift Cards are accepted at IKEA stores, restaurants and the Swedish Food Market. It's not too late to gift this Chinese New Year, or maybe you can give an IKEA gift card in place of a red packet 'angbao'?

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