Make Home Count for Life

It’s important to make good sleep a good habit. That’s why we offer a range of bedroom solutions like versatile beds, comfy mattresses, soft duvets and plush pillows to give you everything you need for a short snooze or deep slumber. So you can finally rest easy, knowing that you’ll be rolling in a bed of sweet dreams.

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An invitation to relax

To make sleep and relaxation the focus of your bedroom, start with the bed. Layer up quilts, sheets and cushions in colours you find relaxing, whether that’s calming neutral shades or cosy darker tones. 

Nature-inspired home décor

Put yourself at ease in a bedroom filled with natural materials, light and coordinated colours. For a softer, more tactile every day and night, see our new TÄNKVÄRD limited collection made from natural materials and fibers.

Sleep better, live better

We sleep for one third of our lives, and a great night's sleep is important for us to feel well and feel rested. We've gathered all of our mattresses, mattress pads, pillows, quilts and mattress protectors in this handy buying guide to help you get a better night's sleep. 

Popular Series

A bedroom that has it all

Build up your bedroom storage

Carve out some space up and around your bed for a customised closet. With an ottoman, you can store household items.

A stylish bedroom from all angles

A bed frame made of solid wood with rustic charm creates a homely atmosphere in your bedroom and a comfortable place to sleep.

Tasteful, stylish and storage friendly

Combine an open closet, smart storage, trendy fabrics and brass coloured details to achieve a coordinated bedroom with a fashionable twist!

Inspire or seek to be inspired