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A better you starts with better sleep

Greet your mornings with a smile with a range of IKEA sleep and comfort solutions. From pillows and mattresses that support you in all the right places to quilts and sheets made for snuggling up, you’ll be waking up all fresh and ready to take on the day. Read on for ideas and inspiration for a good night’s sleep.

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Essentials for a good night's sleep

Get good quality sleep where you can unwind and recharge for the next day. Complement it with comfortable mattress and pillows, and stylish bed linens to snuggle up in. A blissful night of good sleep finally comes true.

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Lights on, lights off

Sleep better at night by reducing the light in your bedroom with block-out curtains or by dimming the lights, so your body knows it's time for bed. Be lulled into dreamland for a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed!

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Cool down for the night

The temperature in your room also affects your sleeping patterns. If you often feel warm while sleeping, try cooling duvets, quilts and mattress toppers for your perfect night's sleep.

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