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2020-03-20 | تغيير اللغة

Our Valued Customer,


Your safety is our top priority:

We welcome you back to our stores with all the safety measurements in place which were communicated by the local authorities.

Safety of our customers and coworkers is our top priority and we are taking various precautionary safety measures in order to prevent spread of infection of COVID-19. We are all in this together and we believe that together with our customers, we can create the safe environment at our stores. 

To create a safer environment for our customers & coworkers & will be comply by all government regulations such as:        

You will be provided masks & gloves at the entrance in case you didn’t have. We urge you to wear it throughout your shopping journey. 

Please continuously use the hand sanitizer which are provided in multiple areas within the store.

When in the prayer room please maintain 2 meters distance and bring your own prayer mat

For your safety yellow shopping bags has been removed.

We encourage you to use digital payment methods in the store.

Maintain at least 2 meters distance between yourself & others while waiting.

To be better protected with spread of virus please avoid hand shaking.


Due to the need to limit number of customers in the store at once, please expect waiting in the queue outside the store, we will be checking your temperature upon entering the store and children below 15 years old will not be allowed to enter for their safety. Until further notice Smaland (indoor play area) will remain closed. 

We will manage the store inflow traffic to follow the allowed store occupancy as advised per the local authorities. A queue line to be arranged with the 2 m footprint that guides customers where to stand in the store and outside upon entering. Frequent sterilization will be done for the store to ensure we are providing the safest conditions for your shopping experience, until further notice we have removed all waiting/seating areas to ensure social distancing protocols are followed.

To know more about the store operation hours please chose your nearest store by clicking here

Delivering your Order: 

We have worked with our service partners to ensure that they have implemented the health and hygiene precautions that apply on packaging, delivering and assembling your order. This to ensure that safety measures are extended to your home.  

To know more details, please click here.  


Collecting your Order: 

We have ensured that all precautionary health and hygiene measures are taken while preparing your order. To know more about it, please click here.  

*Complying with the latest restriction and curfew measures taken by the local authorities, we would like to inform you that our stores will be closed until further notice.


Shopping at the store: 

We apply the highest health and hygiene standards and comply to the requirements set by the local authorities, for additional details click here.

* Complying with the latest restriction and curfew measures taken by the local authorities, we would like to inform you that our stores will be closed until further notice.



Changed your mind?  

We hope that you remain healthy and safe while enjoying your time at home knowing that IKEA.SA is always open for you.

If more information is needed, please feel free to reach out by calling 920004532