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VÄRLDSKLOK Plant mince, shapeable frozen,

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This plant mince is shapeable, so you can prepare juicy plant-based burgers and balls. Tastes like meat but made from pea protein – and by eating more plant-based you reduce your climate footprint.

Article number705.061.95

Product details

The VÄRLDSKLOK plant mince allows you to easily shape and prepare plant-based burgers and balls at home. Shape and season as you like!

Made from pea protein, a plant-based alternative that contributes to reducing your climate footprint.

Also perfect for use as regular mince, for instance if you want to prepare tacos, chili, lasagne or bolognese.

The mince looks and tastes like meat, but is 100% plant-based.

Includes no animal ingredients, meaning a good choice for vegetarians and vegans.


    Net weight: 750 g

    • VÄRLDSKLOKArticle number705.061.95

      Width: 26 cm

      Height: 3 cm

      Length: 32 cm

      Weight: 0.76 kg

      Package(s): 1


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    Shape your mince to your own taste

    When you’re hungry for a delicious mince dish, try VÄRLDSKLOK shapeable plant mince. Use it to shape and prepare plant-based burgers and balls from scratch, or use as regular mince for bolognese or tacos. The mince looks and tastes like meat (so you don’t have to compromise on the experience), but is made from pea protein. And as you probably know, you reduce your climate footprint by eating more plant-based – it might even make your different mince dishes taste even better!