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UPPFYLLD Vegetable slicer, set of 2, bright orange/bright green

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UPPFYLLD vegetable slicers cut vegetables and root vegetables into long decorative strips that you can use in salads or pastas. Or why not completely replace the pasta with vegetable strips?

Article number105.219.57

Product details

The set of vegetable slicers allows you to use your zucchini or carrot as tagliatelle or spaghetti – one cuts wide strips and the other cuts thinner ones.

Use for any vegetable with a diameter smaller than 8 cm.

Easy and quick to use if you don´t feel entirely comfortable with a knife.

UPPFYLLD vegetable slicer can be used for all vegetables, but is especially suitable for long vegetables like cucumbers, zucchini, carrots and sweet potatoes.

The 2 vegetable slicers can be placed in each other to take up less space when you store them.

The robust stainless steel blade makes it easier for you to peel and clean.

The UPPFYLLD series brings colour to your kitchen.


K Gouriou/W Chong

  • Comprises: 2 vegetable slicers (dia. 8 cm).

  • Material
    Reinforced polypropylene plastic
    Stainless steel



Diameter: 9 cm

Height: 6 cm

  • UPPFYLLDArticle number105.219.57

    Width: 9 cm

    Height: 9 cm

    Length: 10 cm

    Weight: 0.12 kg

    Package(s): 1