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SKORPOR FULLKORN Wholegrain crisprolls

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Toasted, crispy wholemeal rolls. Serve for breakfast with butter, cheese and marmalade, or crunched with yoghurt.

Article number001.509.09

Product details


    Net weight: 200 g

    • SKORPOR FULLKORNArticle number001.509.09

      Width: 17 cm

      Height: 8 cm

      Length: 21 cm

      Weight: 0.22 kg

      Package(s): 1


    Function solution

    A tradition kept alive

    Toasted crisprolls were invented ages ago - out of necessity. Bread was baked in the autumn right after the harvest and then in the spring - if there was any flour left. To keep it for such a long time it had to be dried, and the tradition is kept until this day. Serve SKORPOR FULLKORN and SKORPOR KARDEMUMMA (wholegrain crisprolls and wholegrain crisprolls cardamom) for breakfast with butter, cheese, and marmalade, or with your yoghurt.