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ROSTVINGE Paper napkin, multicoloured, light leaf pattern,

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The colourful ”Bladhult” pattern, created by Sven Fristedt, was presented in our catalogue already in 1980. Then for KLIPPAN sofa. An example of IKEA icons given a new life in the Nytillverkad collection.

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Product details

Part of the Nytillverkad collection where several IKEA classics have been given a new look.

The ”Bladhult” pattern originally adorned a cover for KLIPPAN sofa in the IKEA catalogue in 1980 and was created by textile designer Sven Fristedt.

The napkin is highly absorbent because it’s made of two-ply paper.

Patterned napkins are an easy way to add a fancy touch to your table setting.


Sven Fristedt


Length: 33 cm

Package quantity: 30 pack

Width: 33 cm