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PATRULL Corner bumper, white

Price SR 27/8 pack
Price incl. VAT
Price/pack SR3.38

How to get it

Made with the safety of children in mind, but also loved by adults. These 8 corner bumpers reduce the risk of your child injuring themselves on sharp table edges and corners.

Article number901.150.92

Product details

With PATRULL corner bumpers you can easily reduce the risk of your child getting hurt on the sharp corners of tables and cabinets.

  • In order to achieve optimal adhesion the corner bumper should be left with no weight on for at least 24 hours.

    The adhesive tape can leave marks when the product is removed.

    After fixing the tape to the surface, the device should not be moved and reused since this affects the adhesive's strength.

    The tape can only be used on smooth surfaces such as painted or lacquered wood/metal and glass, or foiled particleboard.

    Only for indoor use.

  • Material
    Synthetic rubber
    Polypropylene plastic
  • Assembly instructionsPATRULL Corner bumper901.150.92


Package quantity: 8 pack

  • PATRULLArticle number901.150.92

    Width: 15 cm

    Height: 2 cm

    Length: 19 cm

    Weight: 0.13 kg

    Package(s): 1

Function solution

Softer corners

Coffee tables, dining tables, worktops and cabinets. They all have sharp corners that can get in the way of both adults and children. PATRULL corner bumpers make corners softer, which reduces the risk of injury. You put them on easily with self-adhesive tape.