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GUNNLAUG Sound absorbing curtain, white,

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GUNNLAUG Sound absorbing curtain, grey, 145x300 cm
GUNNLAUG Sound absorbing curtain, white, 145x300 cm

How to get it

GUNNLAUG sound absorbing curtain has many functions. It is stylish, filters out light and softens sound caused by everyday activities like clattering of dishes, clangour of cutlery or screeching from chairs being moved around.

Article number805.001.74

Product details

The fabric absorbs sound which can reduce echo and reverberation in medium and high frequency waves, for example clattering of dishes or clangor of cutlery.

The combination of the chenille yarn and the special weave construction of the fabric makes the curtain sound absorbent.

The curtain has been verified according to ISO 354.

The curtains lower the general light level and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing directly into the room.

The curtains can be used on a curtain rod or a curtain track.

The heading tape makes it easy for you to create pleats using RIKTIG curtain hooks.

The lightweight fabric has a stylish texture and drapes beautifully.

The colour is easy to combine with different furniture styles and textiles.


IKEA of Sweden


Length: 300 cm

Width: 145 cm

Weight: 1.20 kg

Area: 4.63 m²

Package quantity: 2 pack

Function solution

The fabric dims the daylight

The fabric dims the daylight entering the room when it is brighter outside, and reduces glare. It gives you a comfortable sense of privacy because people cannot see in during the daytime. At night, when the room is lit, it is possible to perceive shapes and silhouettes from outside.