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DRÖMSLOTT 3-piece bedlinen set for cot, puppy pattern/beige,

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This bedlinen set has everything needed to create a nice and cosy nest for your baby – duvet cover, pillowcase and fitted sheet. All made from 100% organic cotton that breathes and feels wonderfully soft.

Article number805.263.67

Product details

Comprises of 100% sustainably grown organic cotton certified by GOTS, a durable natural material that only gets softer with each wash.

The zipper keeps the duvet in place.

Everything needed to make the cot ready for a new family member. Perfect to give as a gift to new parents.

Cotton is a soft and easy-care natural material that you can machine wash.

The fabric is tightly-woven, which makes the bedlinen extra durable.


Sara Ödman


Bed length: 120 cm

Bed width: 60 cm

Pillowcase length: 55 cm

Pillowcase width: 35 cm

Duvet cover length: 125 cm

Duvet cover width: 110 cm

Sheet length: 120 cm

Sheet width: 60 cm

Thread count: 152 /inch²

DRÖMSLOTT 3-piece bedlinen set for cot, puppy pattern/beige, 60x120 cm

Good company for good sleep

The first period with a newborn family member is a lot about sleep. Maybe it feels like your baby never falls asleep at the right time. But guess what? It’s okay. Every child has individual needs and quirks. It’s just a matter of getting to know them, being open for change and creating the best conditions for naptime.

”As a new parent, it’s easy to feel stressed about your child’s sleep – or lack of sleep. It’s completely normal. Just like it’s normal for children to have different needs, and that they can change,” says Anna Edlundh, who’s been a part of the development of DRÖMSLOTT sheets and duvet covers in 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS.

A soft bed is a good start

“Soft sheets that feel cool and comfortable against the skin are a good start for good sleep. Cotton is a fantastic natural material that breathes when your baby gets warm.” The DRÖMSLOTT series has cute puppy motifs in neutral colours that contribute to a restful atmosphere in bed. Many babies also feel safe with a cuddly soft toy next to them in bed. “Holding something familiar can help them come to rest and fall asleep.”

Find your baby’s routines

Other tricks that can help sleep are dimming the lighting and lowering the room's temperature. "Finding your and your baby’s routines when it's time to rest is also good. It can be a bath just before bedtime or humming a special song that your baby recognizes." And if the routines suddenly shouldn't work, that's normal too. Then you have to be open to adjust them a bit. ”Even if the sleep changes, you can be certain your child gets the rest it needs. But, don't forget yourself – as a parent, you also need to recharge and rest from time to time."

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“DRÖMSLOTT textile collection is inspired by the world of puppies and dreams. My idea was to create a simple design that was both cute and charming. To give the patterns a softer touch, I chose to mix the puppies with minimalist prints of dots and clouds. I hope that the textiles will spread joy and calmness to both babies and parents in their everyday lives. My own favourite is the rug. The puppy looks so soft and happy where it’s lying down – ready to cuddle at any moment”

Designer Sara Ödman