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Create a play area within the living room

In that area of ​​the living room we used a multi-layered style. We have laid layers of carpet, and used a KALLAX storage unit and placed a worktop above it.


This has enabled us to prepare an area for studying, eating meals, hobbies and other activities children can practice in this area. It has become a play area within the living room where children can express themselves freely.

The poster used here is actually a BILD poster, however it looks better with another poster added on top of it with the statement “You make it happen”. The result was this beautiful artwork to add to the area.

You can also see the plant pot which I put two on top of each other, giving us an innovative combination.

The plant pots were used to keep pens and crayons tidy to avoid clutter when used in drawing and coloring and returning them to their place when finished.

To make the chair more comfortable, I put this pillow with delightful colors to give more comfort to the children sitting in this chair while exercising their beloved hobbies.

Made by

Professional Organizer: Sara Alissa, SORTED
Photographer: Bashair Althubaity
Writer: Ashraf Muhi Alddin
Location: IKEA Al Salam Mall, Jeddah