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6 ways modern appliances can improve your kitchen

“Appliances have moved on from being purely functional. In small, often unseen ways, they enhance daily life in the kitchen and have become a key consideration when we design our kitchens,” says Anders Grafström, range communicator for kitchen & dining at IKEA.

Black kitchen cupboards with a sink, a metal trolley and utensils stored on rails by a window.
Black kitchen cupboards with a sink, a metal trolley and utensils stored on rails by a window.

Create a sociable cooking space

“More and more people are planning their appliances at the start of the kitchen design process,” says Anders. “IKEA appliances are fashioned to fit perfectly with IKEA kitchens both in style and size. Combining them will enable you to create your dream space. If you cook together, having the oven and hob in separate places makes it easier. Love cooking up feasts? Try a double oven.”

Improve your kitchen soundscape

Talk, listen to music or simply share companionable silence as you cook. Whatever your preference, boost your wellbeing by choosing quiet appliances that won’t spoil the sounds of your kitchen. Studies show too many sound impressions can make it harder to focus, which can cause fatigue.

Keep your air clean and comfortable

Cooker hoods and fans are great for extracting unwanted cooking smells. But you don’t want them to remove the indoor air you’ve already heated, cooled or purified in the process. Designs that “are efficient at capturing impurities for minimum noise and energy” can be better than the highest-powered ones, says Stephen Lea, IKEA product development engineer.

Shine a welcoming light

“Integrated appliance lighting is important for creating harmony in the kitchen,” says IKEA senior interior designer, Ann-Kristin Holmqvist. Rather than functional lighting purely for cooking purposes, think about the more social aspects. Look for warm, ambient forms that blend in with the rest of your kitchen; some appliances even have dimmable switches to help set the mood.

Make a talking point of design

How your appliances look shouldn’t be an afterthought – there’s no need for everything to be the same. “Nowadays we want more from our appliances, that they’re either totally integrated into the kitchen, or are superstars in terms of aesthetics,” says Bruno Lizotte, creative leader (appliances) at IKEA. With a range of striking designs and colours available, why not make your own style statement?

Add tactile details

When it comes to kitchen devices, little details can make a big difference – like the feel of a control knob or handle. “We’ve designed our appliances so they feel good when you use them,” says Bruno. “They’re quite heavy in the hand, which signals quality, and makes you feel proud to own them.”

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.

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