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Unleash your inner style in the living room

Don't be afraid to let your eclectic style lead the living room. Because when a room expresses who you are — quirky, perky, flirty and all — you'll feel right at home.

IKEA FOTO gold pendant lamp, black RANARP standing floor lamp, and RYRA blue-red plaid lampshade for a table lamp.

Living rooms need three main sources of light: general overhead light; task light for reading and writing the next script; and mood light. This whimsical duo used small tables to hold big table lamps for a dramatic effect.

A small bench with benefits. Keep your collector’s items tucked away in a seat module. When you feel it’s time to switch out things to display, just lift up the cushion.

Show off what you love through sliding glass doors. The cabinet comes with different depths inside, and closed door storage space underneath for all the other stage props to come.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different materials together. This seating area alone has a terracotta vase, wooden table, metal side table and woven rug. The colour scheme keeps the different textures coordinated. There’s no right or wrong!

Turn your nesting tables into a plant perch. Get a little playful by leaving the table edges underneath each other; this creates a stairway effect.