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Stylish storage below the stairwell

IKEA BESTÅ white closed storage cabinet system with VASSVIKEN honeycomb patterned doors underneath a stairwell, furnished with SÖDERHAMN pink and dark grey two-seater sofas and round YPPERLIG black tray coffee table.

Some people like it clean. Real clean. The secret to keeping everything spick and span? Storage, and plenty of it!

Storage can be stylish. These honeycomb doors add a subtle modern touch to the living room. The acrylic door also helps to brighten the room when sunlight is cast upon it.

A table top is a blank canvas to display your things. Start with a focal point: here we used an EVEDAL table lamp as an eye-catching piece. Then it’s just a matter of arranging items in a dynamic way, like using artwork with varying heights or adding in an odd item with a unique shape or texture to create contrast and intrigue.

Keep clutter-free by storing stuff behind closed doors. Using boxes to organise things by colour, activity or type can make it easier to find things. Just grab a box by the handles and start scrapbooking (and snacking) away!