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Me and my multigenerational home

It’s tough to find alone time in a house with your parents, grandparents and teens. Here’s a living room that’s mixed with modern and traditional styles, where everyone can find a place to call their own.

Throws and cushions bring softness (and cosiness) to leather sofas. Layer on the rugs, too! You’ll have something warm to stand on, especially in a room full of cool tiles.

Round coffee tables are a smart choice for corner sofas; circular and square shapes create contrast, and make the living room more dynamic.

Even in an open space, it’s possible to get alone time. Consider creating a privacy nook with two armchairs by their windows. This helps divide the living room into different areas.

Ceiling lamps don’t have to be in the center of a room; position them where you sit. a combination of mood lights like these pendant lamps work together to create a general light above.

When it comes to style, everyone has their own taste — so combine them all! A mix of modern lamps and more traditional candleholders can still look elegant and coordinated.

Six IKEA BESTÅ blue cabinets, with a gallery wall collage of picture frames and a mirror above it.

When living in a multigenerational home, everyone should have a place to put their things. BESTÅ units give everyone their own storage space. Just add on another unit if you need more!