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A small space living room for big adventurers

For those of us filled with wanderlust, the home is a more of a rest stop. See how to furnish your studio’s living room as a creative base to plan your next excursion. Smart storage solutions can help you keep travel memories tucked away or displayed.

A mix of open and closed storage lets you display the items you love, and hide the things you don’t want to see. The unit is placed against a wall to maximise floor space. Add an extra unit when you need more shelves for your finds!

IKEA KNOPPÄNG black picture frames and BARKHYTTAN black display boxes with clear glass showing a collection of artwork on the wall.

Dedicate a wall to your adventures. Use a collection of black frames and display boxes for all your artwork and travel treasures. Use same coloured frames to keep your mini museum coordinated.

No need to worry about watering the plants — when you have fake ones, you can travel on a whim (guilt-free). Fake flowers and plants are ideal if you want to keep a green space, but with minimal effort.