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The multitasking bedroom with a personalised touch

A creative corner, a walk-in closet, and a breakfast area – discover how a bedroom can be so much more than only a bedroom and feel so calm and relaxing at the same time.

IKEA HEMNES white stained, open, solid wood, wardrobes packed with blue and brown clothing, hats and shoes.

An airy feel, easy access and a display area where you can hang your favourite clothes in the front – HEMNES open wardrobe got you covered! Also, a door-free wardrobe solution is perfect for small bedrooms with little space between the furniture.

An open shelf high up on the wall is a beautifully clean storage solution where you can display books, boxes and other things that you don't use that often (but love to show off). Hang the more frequently used pieces on hooks below for easy access.

Slow mornings require a cosy bed – make your bed even more comfortable by adding some extra cushions. SISSIL cushion covers in denim go with every style, and like your favourite jeans, they'll age gracefully.

A bedroom can be more than just a bedroom – add a creative corner that doesn't require much space! INGATORP desk has 2 folding drop-leaves so you can adjust the size according to your needs. The shelf under the table top can collect your cables, so they’re hidden but still close at hand. Smart, right?