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Keep a calm, coordinated bedroom

Decorate your bedroom with IKEA PAX wardrobe with new Flornes dark grey floral patterned doors. Set a relaxing tone with pastel pinks, subdued greys and powdered white hues.

Pastel colours, cool greys, and a subtle floral pattern on the closet doors help set the tone for this relaxing and inviting bedroom.

IKEA PAX white wardrobe comes with new dark grey floral patterned doors that can be illuminated under FORMAT LED nickel-plated cabinet lights. The door’s matte surface gives the delicate flowers a subtle, minimalist look and makes the relief pattern appear differently depending on how the light hits it.

Place a special spotlight on the clothes you love by installing cabinet lights above your wardrobe. This also makes it easy to sift through your clothes when the rest of the room is dark.

A dressing table placed between two closets helps separate your clothes from your partner’s. Use the deep drawer and smaller ones on top to store makeup and smaller accessories.

Soothing lights can help create the right kind of mood before bed. Lower a pendant lamp towards the bed and consider a pair of lamps behind the baseboard for late night reads.