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Tiny bathroom, big personality

Make room in the bathroom with IKEA SILVERÅN white high cabinets with doors, and room for your laundry with JÄLL foldable white bag and plastic stand.

Maximise a small bathroom with storage as high and low as possible. But who said you couldn’t be playful with your morning routine? Here’s a bathroom that is smart and stylish.

IKEA ALGOT white customisable wall shelves make storage simple. Click the brackets onto the wall uprights to add a shelf. It’s easy to add or remove parts.

Use every space, even the awkward ones! Wall shelves can be placed at different heights to store boxes, baskets, towels and laundry supplies.

Hang puffs or lightweight items with IKEA LÅDDAN suction cup holder in a bright red orange colour. Its rubber cup and plastic hanger keep things in place.

Make bathtime fun. A hook holder with a suction cup is a nifty, no-drill solution.