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Bring the spa to your bathroom

IKEA BROGRUND chrome-plated mesh showerhead series and VILTO birch storage series in a small sauna styled bathroom.

Natural materials, lush towels, and soothing scents are a great start.

IKEA VILTO step stool with a potted plant and white hand towels on top.

Step into your own personal oasis. Plush towels and a pair of slippers can help bring that spa feeling. Birch wood also has a distinctive spa-like scent.

Closeup of IKEA BROGRUND round chrome-plated showerhead shower.

The bathroom should be a place where you can rest and relax. But saving water and energy at the same time? Even better.

IKEA VILTO birch shelving unit leaning against a wall in a bathroom.

Put a hook on it. Maximise bathroom space by placing hooks on a towel stand to hold laundry, combs, and maybe a magazine or two...

IKEA VILTO towel stand crafted from fine-grained birch, holding bath towels and small woven baskets.

Store everything you need without feeling it’s a tight squeeze. Five shelves allow ample room for towels, cosmetics, candles and more.