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The VÅRDANDE collection

This collection is the perfect way to mark ten years of partnership with global social businesses. It is simple, natural and special – made for those seeking mindfulness, meditation, or just a moment to pause.

A woman sits cross-legged on a VÅRDANDE yoga rug facing a window, stretching her neck in a peaceful space with plants.
A woman sits cross-legged on a VÅRDANDE yoga rug facing a window, stretching her neck in a peaceful space with plants.

Taking care over the details

Designers Akanksha Deo and Sarah Fager worked closely with our social business suppliers to bring their artisanal skills to the little details that make this collection so special.

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A woman in a blue shirt looking at a VÅRDANDE hanging decoration of dried bell cups on cotton strings.
A woman in a beige jumpsuit holding a VÅRDANDE jute plant pot with a green houseplant in front of a window.
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Grounded in nature

The VÅRDANDE collection includes tactile accessories made from cotton and jute that are easy to pack and take with you on warm summer days.

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A woman in a straw hat kneeling on VÅRDANDE picnic blankets and rugs with bags on a sand dune with grasses.
VÅRDANDE cotton canvas bag with zip and rolled yoga rug sitting on sand next to long grasses.
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Your own private oasis

The VÅRDANDE collection invites you to care for your mind and body. Recharge your batteries with hand-embroidered textiles and soft towels, all made from 100% cotton.

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A VÅRDANDE 100% cotton kimono hangs from a curtain pole in a bedroom with white walls.
A VÅRDANDE washcloth with hand sewn stitching is folded over a stack of pink towels on a bathroom wooden stool.
A woman is snuggled up with a cup of tea in a cotton VÅRDANDE throw on a white sofa.
A woman wearing a VÅRDANDE cotton kimono uses a VÅRDANDE towel as a turban to dry her hair in a bathroom.
VÅRDANDE white cotton bath towel hanging over the edge of a bath in a bathroom.
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Simple storage ideas for peace of mind

Keep your things safe and tidy in fuss-free storage solutions made from natural materials. The collection includes jute baskets and a cotton wall organiser.

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A VÅRDANDE jute storage basket with a woven top and textiles inside and a yoga rug rolled on a wooden floor.
A VÅRDANDE cotton canvas wall organiser hanging on wooden pegs with towels and a canvas bag.
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Stop and notice the small things

These natural and handmade accessories will make you appreciate the little moments of beauty in your everyday life.

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A VÅRDANDE screen-printed poster on mulberry paper hangs on a wall above a shelf with a ceramic vase and ornaments.
A VÅRDANDE hanging decoration of dried bell cups on white cotton strings with green house plants.
VÅRDANDE ceramic candle holder with lit candle and brass pot with lid sitting on a tabletop.
A VÅRDANDE 100% jute plant pot, filled with a leafy green plant, is on a white plant stand in a bright space.
A hand-braided VÅRDANDE basket, made from banana fibre, is filled with potpourri in front of a window.
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Good for everyone

For the VÅRDANDE collection, we have collaborated with five social businesses across Asia. These suppliers are committed to bringing long-term employment and education opportunities to marginalised groups.

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A person uses their hands to make a bowl from thick twine.
Small pieces of broken pottery on a table with larger intact ceramics and an artisan in the background.
A body of a person in an apron holding a bunch of jute fibres.
A woman in a blue shirt threads a sewing machine at a Saitex factory in Vietnam.
A pair of hands weaving white threads on a loom.
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