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Before Sleep

There are simple things that help us to relax and prepare for sleep. Creating a routine, putting aside distractions such as a television or cell phone are small steps that will help you create the perfect environment to fall asleep and sleep soundly.


Sound stimulates the brain and that affects our sleep. Studies show that even when sleeping, our brains remain attentive to sounds. Decorating the room with textiles, like rugs, and dressing the windows with curtains in a thicker fabric are solutions that help to muffle the sound. Also discover our lists on Spotify, to help you disconnect.


We are very sensitive to light and dark, mainly due to cells in our eyes that detect sunrise and sunset and that give instructions to our brain to fall asleep and to wake up. The dimmable lights with remote control are an excellent way to prepare for a good night sleep. When the eyelids start to close, just press a button without leaving the comfort of your bed and let yourself be taken to the land of dreams.

21% of the Portuguese take longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep.

Study carried out by Comissão de Trabalho de Patologia Respiratória do Sono da Sociedade Portuguesa de Pneumologia (SPP) and by Sociedade Portuguesa de Medicina do Trabalho (SPMT) **

Air Quality

Air purifying curtains

The technology used in GUNRID curtains consists of a mineral based photocatalytic coating that is applied to the textile. When activated by daylight, it destroys common air pollutants in indoor spaces. In addition, the fabric is made with recycled PET bottles, so it is also good for the environment.

Air quality in your home can have a big impact on your sleep. Too humid air, too dry or poor ventilation are some of the reasons. Improve air quality and balance humidity levels in the bedroom do wonders for the quality of sleep. Plants that filter the air in the bedroom are an excellent way to improve air quality.

Colors and furnishings

As you might know, colors affect our mind in different ways. Make sure to choose a color that make you relax. When it comes to furnishings in the bedroom, keep it simple and keep the clutter under control. The less clutter you have, the more likely it is that you will sleep well.

Don’t go to bed with your mobile

The thing with mobiles and laptops is the light that they radiate. This blue light tricks our bodies to think it’s time to wake up which makes falling asleep harder. The artificial light (or any kind of light) stops the release of melatonin which is the natural hormone designed to make us tired.