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A good quality rested sleep helps you to wake up with more energy and be more concentrated during the day. Besides that, it promotes well-being and stimulates the immune system.


The right lighting is important before you sleep, but also when you wake up. Sudden exposure to a harsh burst of light caused by opening curtains or turning on a light just after waking up isn’t many people’s ideal way to start the day. Instead, ease yourself awake with a lamp or a curtain that has a timer switch or a wake-up light alarm clock.

40% of the Portuguese say that it is harder to keep awake while driving or doing other daily activities.

Study carried out by Comissão de Trabalho de Patologia Respiratória do Sono da Sociedade Portuguesa de Pneumologia (SPP) and by Sociedade Portuguesa de Medicina do Trabalho (SPMT) **

Technology that helps

Imagine waking up with the blinds rising to let in the wonderful morning sun and listen to music, all without having to get out of bed. It's a more peaceful wake up than the traditional alarm, don't you think? When your home's IQ is higher, life itself also becomes more peaceful.

So whether you want a full smart home or just a few wonders of control, there's an IKEA Home smart product to create an intuitive flow for you.