TJILLEVIPS basket banana fibre 30 cm 50 cm
TJILLEVIPS basket banana fibre 30 cm 50 cm
TJILLEVIPS basket banana fibre 30 cm 50 cm

This basket made of banana fibres is handwoven by skilled artisans and is part of our TJILLEVIPS collection. With its soft shape and colour, it adds an ornamental touch wherever you choose to put it.


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The basket is made of twisted fibres from the part of the banana plant that is removed to make room for new shoots when the fruit is harvested.The colour of the fibres depends on the banana species and is also affected by the climate where the plant grows.Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique.A larger size which is nice to have standing on the floor with magazines or other things that you want close at hand. All new materials have a particular smell which gradually disappears.
  • Basematerial:Banana fibres
  • Renewable material (banana fibre).
  • TJILLEVIPSBasketArticle no:804.394.88
    Length: 30 cmWeight: 1.30 kgDiameter: 50 cmPackage(s): 1

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30 cm
50 cm


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TJILLEVIPS basket banana fibre 30 cm 50 cm

What makes a home warm and inviting? The colours, the lighting, soft textiles or just plain hospitality? Probably a mix of all these things. One way to make it snugger in only a few seconds, is to add a little nature to it. For example, with handmade products of plant fibre. TJILLEVIPS is a collection of baskets in six different materials – each with an own unique ability to create a welcoming feeling.  Read more
“Plant fibre is a fantastic natural resource. In the TJILLEVIPS collection, we use bamboo, rattan, seagrass, jute, banana fibre and poplar. Materials that don’t always behave the way you expect, but that’s a part of the charm,” says Sara Ottosson, who’s worked with nature fibre at IKEA for more than ten years.

The material decides what it becomes

The different materials all have different expressions, but three things in common. They are fast-growing, which make them a sustainable choice, they are perfect for handmade products, and they generate jobs for skilled artisans. “It’s a limited-edition, but our long-term collaboration with the artisans and the suppliers gives us a chance to learn from them and explore new materials together. In the future, we will launch other collections with plant fibre, but exactly which products it will be depends on what materials we have available,” tells Sara.

If you buy two, they won’t look the same

Another thing the fibres have in common are the natural colour shifts. For Sara, it only makes the materials more interesting. “They come alive. There’s beauty in the irregularity and that someone has spent time to shape and create unique everyday objects of the materials. But, the best thing is perhaps that TJILLEVIPS not only provide artisans with jobs. It’s also an easy and sustainable way to invite nature into your home.”
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What are banana fibres?

The banana tree is a fast-growing green plant. It delivers fruit only once. After harvest, all plant parts above ground normally go to waste as the space is cleared for the next generation of bananas. But we utilize the banana stalk to make products. Its strong fibres make superb baskets, and can also be used for beach bags, place mats or low seating chairs.

Basket, banana fibre50 cm

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TJILLEVIPS basket banana fibre 30 cm 50 cm


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