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FESTLIGT Potato crisps, pickled mushroom,

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Snacks for parties or your own cosy movie night. The rustic FESTLIGT potato crisps are fried with the skin left on, come in large and small bags – and are available in several exciting Swedish flavours.

Article Number004.266.49

Product details

Crispy crisps with an exciting taste of sour pickled mushrooms – a rich yet mild flavour combination inspired by Swedish forests in autumn.

The crisps are fried with the skin left on to retain more of the potato’s flavour.

A small bag of crisps that you can have all to yourself. The perfect size for a perfect movie night!


    Net weight: 50 g

    • FESTLIGTArticle Number004.266.49

      Width: 14 cm

      Height: 3 cm

      Length: 20 cm

      Weight: 0.06 kg

      Package(s): 1

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    Crisps for all occasions

    Treat yourself to something really tasty on special occasions. The FESTLIGT potato crisps are fried with the skin left on so they’re extra crunchy and flavourful. The seasonings range from classics with salt and sour cream/onion to pickled mushrooms and pepper/leek. You can choose between large and small bags – for the party and when you want your very own crisps for a cosy movie night at home.