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Dressing the bed


Bedroom decorated in winter colours with a red and blue quilt cover and pillows.
    Close up of a blue patterned pillow

      Mix and match styles

      Traditional or modern winter look? Instead of choosing between two styles, just mix and match them, so you can enjoy both. We went for a STJÄRNTULPAN quilt cover, a SKOGSKORN cushion and an INGABRITTA throw. And you're ready to sleep.


      Dark bedroom with blue floral quilt and red blanket.
        Close up of the floral patterned quilt and pillows.

          Blooming comfort

          If you want a better sleep, let nature in, slowly. Natural materials, knitted textures and cosy patterns give you that snuggly feeling you’ll love to sink into.


          Bedroom with a wood cabin feel, flannel quilt and pillows in a blue pattern.
            Close up of two wooden frames and blue patterned bed quilt.

              Cosy cabin feel

              There’s no need to travel to the mountains to get that cosy cabin feel. Checks and stripes on tactile materials, and nature-inspired artwork bring warmth to any bedroom. Here we matched a MOSSRUTA quilt cover together with a HÄSSLEBRÖDD cushion and BILD posters.


              Light bedroom with soft colours and beije and grey quilt and pillows.
                Close up of a rattan basket with pillow cases

                  Soft colours

                  Woven graphics and materials combined with soft colours add a feel of airiness and lightness to your bedroom setting. Here’s a VINTERJASMIN quilt cover in light beige and white, next to a white INDIRA bedspread inside a SNIDAD rattan basket. And, if you wonder, this beautiful rug is called STOENSE.