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General Conditions - IKEA Family

  1. The IKEA Family card is free, personal and non-transferable;
  2. Anybody aged over 18 and living in Portugal is eligible for the card;
  3. In order to benefit from the offers associated with the card, the cardholder must present it to IKEA co-workers whenever requested;
  4. The card is valid in all IKEA stores and online store in Portugal, and in other authorised establishments that may be working with the IKEA Family programme, according to the offers available;
  5. The advantage of the delivery and assembly guarantee is that it ensures that if anything goes wrong during transport and assembly and the product is damaged, you have 14 days to go to an IKEA store in Portugal and exchange it for an identical product. If we are out of stock, we'll refund your money in an IKEA refund card;
  6. The hot drink benefit means that IKEA Family members are entitled to a free tea, coffee or decaf whenever they present their IKEA Family card to a co-worker at the Restaurant or Bistro. You can enjoy one more than once on the same day. This hot drink is for own consumption. The benefit is personal and non-transferable and cannot be given to third parties, even if they are IKEA Family members;
  7. Get your 6th meal free: your card will be stamped every time you have a meal in the Restaurant, consisting of a main course, dessert and a drink. Ask one of our Restaurant co-workers for your card. You can only get one stamp on your card per day. Once you've got 5 stamps on your card, while this promotion is valid, you'll be entitled to one free meal in the Restaurant, consisting of a main course, dessert and a drink, worth 7,50€ or less (if it costs less than 7,50€, you won't be entitled to the difference in cash). Promotion valid in IKEA Restaurants in Portugal. From 1 September 2019 to 31 July 2020;
  8. The card is valid for an indefinite period. Therefore, IKEA reserves the right to withdraw all or some of the offers associated with its use at any time and without prior notice;
  9. IKEA reserves the right to cancel the card in the event of misuse, theft or misplacement, or non-compliance with these General Conditions, which also implies the loss of all related rights;
  10. Your personal data will be used by IKEA PORTUGAL – MÓVEIS E DECORAÇÃO, LDA. under the IKEA Family programme and in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of these General Conditions. From time to time, IKEA may send information on promotional campaigns and others selected for you based on your customer profile, if you give us your express permission to do this. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how your personal data is handled;
  11. By providing your personal data, you give your assurance that this are yours, true and up-to-date, taking responsibility towards IKEA and any third parties for any damage that may be caused by inaccurate or outdated data.

Last update: February 2020