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Safety measures

The safety and well-being of our customers and co-workers are always a priority for IKEA. In order to maintain a safe environment for all we have:

  • The admittance to our store will be limited to the maximum indicative occupation rule of 0.05 people per square meter of area. Temporary closures for occupancy management may occur;
  • Increased the focus on cleaning and sanitization procedures. We reinforced cleaning and disinfection routines. All surfaces, objects and equipments handled by our co-workers and customers, are being sanitized in accordance with health authorities’ recommendations;
  • Småland and all store play areas are temporarily closed, until further notice;
  • Please give preference to card payment method. New contactless limit is 50,00€ per transaction;
  • Besides regular access priority rules, in current context we give access priority to health professionals, security, protection and rescue forces and services, armed forces and social support services personnel;
  • You should not linger more than the time necessary to purchase the goods or services;
  • To benefit from IKEA Family discount, you don’t need to swipe the card. You may provide us your phone number, use IKEA app, or use the digital card sent in IKEA Family newsletters.

For the safety of all our customers and co-workers, we are practicing social distancing. So, according to the recommendations of the authorities:

  • We have implemented solutions for ensuring social distancing throughout the store;
  • If you’re in a queue, please observe the floor marking (dots) and keep the safe distance;
  • Respect a safe distance of 2m, avoiding close contact with other people;
  • Please use protective mask or face visor (mandatory);
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol-based solution. You’ll find sanitizing stations in all entrances and exits, as well in other areas in our store;
  • The capacity of each lift is adapted according the lift size. Family groups are excepted;
  • Avoid as much as possible crossing flows. Please respect the specific entry and exit flows in our store.

In the IKEA restaurant, Bistro, Café and Swedish Food Market we adopted some complementary measures to all the hygiene practices already in place in our eating areas:

  • The seating capacity in the Restaurant was limited by 50%, securing 2m distance between seats. Families can seat together;
  • As a precaution, we’ve temporarily removed major gathering points in the Restaurant, Café, Bistro and Swedish Food Market: food sampling, pick’n’mix gummies, self-service beverage machines, pick-up points for cutlery and seasoning, which will now be available on the service line. Please ask our co-workers for those items.

IKEA Portugal may perform temperature control tests by non-invasive means on access to its commercial establishments, being prohibited the registering of the data of the individual except when so duly authorized. Any co-worker may perform the measuring with proper equipment.

Any person may be refused access whenever (i) they refuse the temperature measurement, (ii) show a body temperature equal or exceeding 38.º C.